Thursday, December 17, 2009

Denver Children's Home Christmas Charity!!!

This year I have decided that instead of spoiling all my friends with lavish gifts I am going to help donate to the Denver Children's Home wish list!!!

The Denver Children's Home's mission is to provide a therapeutic, safe place for emotionally distressed children, adolescents and their families to heal and grow. Unfortunately, government grants they receive isn't even close to being enough to care for growing children's needs. Surprisingly enough the government only gives $86 to each child for an entire lifetime's worth of necessities.

For more info please go to

The Denver Children's Home is located at:
Denver Children's Home
1501 Albion Street
Denver, Colorado 80220
Phone: 303-399-4890; 877-895-4890
Main Fax: 303-399-9846

If anyone is interested in donating feel free to contact me about the attached "wish list" which can also be found on the website or if you can go directly to the site and make a monetary donation. Either way, think of the smiling face of a child knowing you've made a difference.

Also if anyone would like to email me directly about this feel free to at:
Happy Holidays!!!!

Denver Children's Home Wish Lists:
• Air conditioning
• Gymnasium
Dorm and School Supplies
• New twin sheet sets and comforters
• Electric razors
• Hygiene supplies
• Craft kits
• Calculators (advanced)
• Cleaning supplies
• Computers
• Digital cameras
• Dictionaries
• Electric pencil sharpeners
• Arts supplies
• Alarm clocks (without radios)
• Batteries
• New socks and underwear
• Microscopes
• Vacuum cleaners
• Lamps
• Pool cues
• Borders gift cards
• Barnes and Noble gift cards
• Michaels gift cards
• Hobby Lobby gift cards
• Home Depot gift cards
• Clothing store gift cards
• Target gift cards
Coping Mechanisms
• Silly Putty
• Legos, building sets, models
• Stress or tennis balls
• Puzzle books
• Encouraging posters
• Slinkies
• Bubbles
• Bubble Wrap
• Feathers
• CD and tape players w/head phones
• Sporting event tickets
• Camping equipment
• Movie tickets
• Cultural tickets
• Activity passes (Mini golf, bowling, Elitch Gardens , Water World, etc.)
• Video game consoles and Playstation Games
Art Therapy Supplies Paper Supplies
• Paper: loose sheets of white and color paper, 18"x24"(Canson or Strathmore brand for example)
• Watercolor paper (in a pad is fine, any sizes)
• Poster board (white and colors)
• Black paper (in a pad is fine, any sizes)
• Construction paper Sculpture & Clay Supplies
• Sculpey (all colors and white)
• Modeling clay (all colors and white)
• Cones, size 06, for firing kiln (from MileHiCeramics)
• Glazes, low fire, corresponding with cone 06 cones
• Clay tools (clay cutter) Craft & General Supplies
• Glitter (all colors)
• Popsicle/craft sticks (big box)
• Rocks, shells, sand
• Spackle
• Doll kits (silk dolls, Michael's)
• House (premade, cardboard)
• Masks (premade, cardboard)
• Spackle blender pen (for transferring images
• Cotton balls
Random Things
• Large laminating machine
• Magazines for collage (home and garden, sports, art magazines)
• Old books for collage (little kids stories, nature images)
• Disposable cups for water
• Radio w/ CD player blank CD's
• Car, air plane, truck, etc. models
• Shop vac
• Shelves
• Potted plants
• Polaroid camera and lots of film
• Rubber cement
• Scotch tape
• Glue sticks (for glue guns, 4"x.28"size)
• Glue sticks (for paper adhesion)
• Spray adhesive / spray enamel
Painting Supplies
• Canvas board
• Stretcher bars for canvas
• Staple gun (heavy duty)
• Gesso
• 1" and 2" brushes
• Liquitex brand, acrylic gel medium
Printmaking Supplies
• Easy cut blocks (2" and 4" sizes)
• Speedball printmaking ink
• Lino cutting tools, kits w/ various size cutters
• Premade stamps
Framing Supplies
• Frames
• Matt board
• Mat board cutter or x-acto knife (we'd store this safely!)
• Picture hanging wire


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